Evolving Hotel Guest Experience with Chlorine Genie

Imagine providing guests with a new swimming experience: water that has been softened, descaled, pH balanced and sanitized all without the need for harsh chemical, toxic additives, corrosive salt water, or dangerous irritants. The Chlorine Genie is a stand-alone piece of equipment that works together with your pump, filter and heater. It is one of the 4 core pieces of equipment that should be installed on every pool.  

  • Genie uses softened tap water, so cells stay cleaner… requiring less service.
  • Genie’s salt goes right into the brine tank… not in the pool.
  • Genie uses a small amount of tap water… not hard pool water.
  • Genie manufactures its own acid and base products…eliminating pH problems.
  • Genie makes chlorine every day… reducing pump run times and energy consumption

See how the Chlorine Genie can save your hotel $25k over 5 years on water sanitation while providing a better swimming experience for the guests!

Hotel engineers, asset managers, and guests alike can all attest to the improvement that the Chlorine Genie can make to your pool offering.


I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with the Chlorine Genie. Our property, has one indoor pool and one indoor spa. Although we were initially skeptical, we decided to install and test the Chlorine Genie on our indoor pool. The changes to our pool have been obvious and impactful:

– Within days of the install the water appeared more clear and has never looked better
– We have gone from using on average of almost a gallon per day of liquid bleach to sanitize and acid to balance the pH to adding no chemicals at all
– There is a significant reduction in the smell of chlorine making this much more inviting for our guests
– Because of the consistent delivery of chlorine throughout the day the pool chemicals remain in balance rather than spiking and dipping
– Because the Chlorine Genie only consumes salt and water our cost of supplies has dropped from over $200 per month to under $20 and we no longer need to acquire, transport, have delivered or store large quantities of liquid bleach

Overall, the Chlorine Genie has delivered as promised. Our next step is to install a 2nd unit on the hot tub so that our guests can have the ultimate water experience in at our property. Thank you!

Area Engineering Director, Bay Area Full Service Hotel

Case Study

Download the Hospitality Case Study below – the Chlorine Genie is the perfect solution for the hospitality industry to save money AND provide a better experience for their guests.

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