Swim in the Ultimate Pool Water

  • No more red eyes
  • No more dry, itchy skin
  • No more faded swim suits
  • No more nasal irritation
  • No more green hair

Store bought chlorine can contain as much as 90% other chemical substances (inert ingredients) that can lead to irritation, asthma problems, allergic reactions, hair color changes, burning eyes, itchy skin, dryness, related health problems, etc. The chlorine generated by the Chlorine Genie is a pure product and does not contain any of these irritants. The soft feeling of the water is amazing and provides a clean, refreshing swimming experience without all the harsh chemicals, smells, or additives

The Chlorine Genie manufactures all of the chlorine needed by a pool and can even be used to adjust the pH of the pool eliminating the need to transport, store, and use muriatic acid or other products on a weekly basis

  • Genie uses softened tap water, so cells stay cleaner… requiring less service.
  • Genie’s salt goes right into the brine tank… not in the pool.
  • Genie uses a small amount of tap water… not hard pool water.
  • Genie manufactures its own acid and base products…eliminating pH problems.
  • Genie makes chlorine every day… reducing pump run times and energy consumption.

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