The Chlorine Genie has been providing Ultimate Pool Water for over 25 years. It is the premier system for pool sanitation in the world. Water quality, safety, and comfort have always been our focus.

The Chlorine Genie was invented in 1995, patented, and brought to market first in California. Since those early days there have been over 10,000 units installed producing over 6 million gallons of chlorine and creating over 57 million gallons of Ultimate Pool Water.

Over the years, the Chlorine Genie has evolved and continued to advance with the addition of features such as automation and timed synchronization with your pumps, direct-to-pump chlorine output, as well as the ability to control the pH of pools in addition to their chlorine levels.

In 2020, the Chlorine Genie was purchased by Ultimate Water Inc. As our flagship product, Ultimate Water is working to improve and expand the manufacturing, marketing, and sales of the Chlorine Genie.  The Chlorine Genie is good for swimmers, good for pools, and good for the environment. We believe that it is the most transformational, important, and impactful product in the pool industry in a generation. It is our goal to have it installed on every pool in the world. 

We take great pride in our team, our core values, and the quality of our products. We hope that you join us on our journey as a loyal and happy customer, an authorized sales and support rep, or a member of our team.

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