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Stop Putting Expensive  “JUNK” Chemicals into Your Pool

The following illustration shows why the store bought chlorine is really 10% chlorine and 90% expensive junk! No wonder why your eyes burn, your skin itches, your hair changes color, and your fabrics fade.

There is a better way to achieve the clean, soft, luxurious, pool water you long for. Chlorine Genie is the Ultimate Solution.

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Chlorine Genie Benefits


The Chlorine Genie Generator

The Chlorine Genie Salt Chlorinator is different. It is not a Salt Water Pool, but it does use Patented Salt Chlorinator Technology to generate pure chlorine for your pool automatically, reliably, and economically. In fact, The Genie does what no Salt Water Pool System can, it gets the salt out of the pool where it is causing all kinds of trouble and puts it into the stand alone chlorinator where it can produce pure chlorine for your pool.

Unlike Salt Water Pool Systems, the process is efficient, reliable, and hassle free. There are no hidden expenses, no headaches, no potential hazards, etc. Just simple reliable and efficient pool water protection for the best water you’ll ever experience.

The Chlorine Genie Automatic Pool Chlorinator offers you all the best benefits of Salt Water Pools yet spares you the problems. No corrosion issues, no conductivity problems, no rising pH to constantly fight, just the type of pool care you’d expect from a premium service. The Genie will provide you with the finest clean, pure, comfortable pool water you’ll ever experience, and offer you years of trouble free, reliable, service.

You can rest easy with The Genie handling your pool care for you. Our simple to use pool system, and our iron-clad 5-year warranty has you covered. Learn more about The Chlorine Genie Advantage Today. You’ll be glad you did.


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