Why is My Salt Cell Not Working?

Most pool professionals agree that dumping hundreds of pounds of salt into a swimming pool is environmentally a bad idea. In some areas, it is against the law. Salt systems require pouring hundreds of pounds of salt directly into your pool. Additionally, pouring salt directly into your pool causes pH levels to dramatically rise therefore, requiring double or triple the amounts of muriatic acid to counteract the bi-product that cause minerals to attach to the inline cells resulting in labor intensive cleaning and maintenance. In addition, cells must be replaced every 3 to 5 years at a cost of nearly a thousand dollars. Lastly, traditional salt cell systems do not produce chlorine during cold weather. 

Salt Cell Not Working

Chlorine Genie – The Solution

The patented CHLORINE GENIE uses an electrolytic cell submerged in salty brine softened water to produce the chlorine your pool needs. The water is softened by a reverse osmosis system and water descaling system built right into the unit. The electrolytic cell breaks salt and water into the basic elements: chloride, sodium, hydrogen, and oxygen. The chloride ions combine to make pure chlorine which is then mixed with water and dispensed into the pool. 

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