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Salt Water Pool Technology

In the last several decades, salt water pools have become very popular. Many pool builders have installed salt water generators on new pool constructions nationwide.GenieOnly500px

Salt water pools come with both positive and negative features:


  • An inline salt water cell can reduce or eliminate the need for purchasing commercial chlorine.
  • The pool becomes easier for the pool owner to take care of.
  • Generating and delivering chlorine daily makes the pool water safer.
  • No transporting, storing, handling dangerous chlorine products.



  • Hundreds of lbs. of salt need to be dumped into the pool to start system. Saltwater is corrosive and can cause problems on pool surface & equipment.
  • An inline cell will always cause the pH of the pool water to go up requiring the frequent addition of acid to the pool.
  • Chlorine can only be generated when the filter is running which requires long filtering time and increased electrical consumption.
  • Salt water is hard on the surrounding environment, pool equipment, and landscaping.


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Things all Inline Chlorine Generators have in common:

  • They all have a cell comprised of a positive and negative electrode.
  • Most companies use the same type of electrodes.
  • They all require salt at the positive electrode.
  • They are all powered by low voltage direct current.
  • Minerals are always attracted to the negative electrode.

Cell Maintenance and Cleaning

Acid washing a cell: When pool water is run through most inline cells, the cell will need to be acid

salt chlorinator cell problems
Dirty Salt Chlorinator Cell

washed periodically. This can be problematic because most pool owners fail to do this, and a pool serviceman will charge for the service. Also, depending on what type of chemicals was previously used in the pool, (how hard the make-up water is and how long since the pool water has been changed) the cell can get a mineral build-up very quickly thus lowering its efficiency and shortening its life.

Some systems pulsate their cells by reversing the polarity.
This is bad because anodes do not like to run as a cathode and cathodes do not like to run as anodes; employing this method to keep cells clean shortens the life of both electrodes. When small amounts of mineral flake off the electrodes they leave a deposit on the bottom of the pool that is very evident especially on darker pool surfaces. At best, this process does not keep the cell very clean.

Some systems inject acid into the cell during the “off” cycle of the filter.
This method is bad because of several problems. It is hard to keep the acid in the cell after it is injected, and the acid can reduce the pH of the pool more than necessary. Feeding acid to the pool through the plumbing can cause staining or etching especially on older pools where copper plumbing was used.


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How the Big Companies Make Chlorine.

Large chlorine generating companies like Dow Chemical have long ago developed the most efficient way to produce chlorine. For the most part, they do the following:
1. They use tap water or city water (not pool water).
2. They soften the water before it goes into their brine tanks (removing minerals that cause electrode build up and destroy cells).
3. They use only softened brine water in their cells.
4. Their anode electrodes are always positive and their cathode electrodes are always negative.
5. They keep the reactions on the anode electrode separated from the reactions on the cathode by using an ion selective membrane.
6. Reduce the voltage to about 3 to 6 volts which lengthen the life of the electrodes.
7. To verify how they do this (Click this link: “How Chlorine is Made”)


By downsizing the perfected technology that the large companies have developed, you can now have a pool water management system installed in a backyard pool that takes advantage of the above six positive points.

chlorinator pool water benefits

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