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No Salt in the Pool Salt Water Pool?


A No Salt Pool?Salt Water Pool Chlorine Generator

That’s right… want to solve your Salt Water Pool Problems? Then get the salt out of the swimming pool and into The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System. Let The Genie handle salt chlorination for your pools sanitation in an efficient, trouble-free manner. Save your back, save the salt, save electricity, and save your pool by not dumping hundreds of pounds of corrosive salt into it.


Salt in the Pool?

Salt in the swimming pool is one of the biggest problems with salt water pool systems. Salt in the pool water causes all kinds of problems that drive pool owners and pool professionals crazy. Though salt chlorination is a wonderful way to sanitize your pool, keep it clean, sparkling, and safe, dumping salt into your swimming pool water and using that water to generate chlorine is a huge design flaw that creates a host of problems too extensive to cover in this short article.

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Stand Alone Salt Chlorination

Our all in one stand-alone solution is what you’ve been looking for in an easy, simple, reliable, automated pool sanitation solution. Our patented salt chlorinator technology is hands down the winner when it comes to solving saltwater pool problems and giving you the best in fresh clean luxurious water. Put a sack or two of salt into The Genie, not your swimming pool and kiss all those nagging salt-water pool drawbacks, problems, headaches, hidden expenses, and potential dangers behind you.


Swim in Fresh Not Salt Water

Our patented salt chlorinator technology ensures that the salt stays in the unit and out of the pool. There are no corrosion issues to deal with, your fabrics, eyes, pool hardware, lights, ladders, etc. are all safe. In fact, The Chlorine Genie Chlorinator uses the same process that the big chemical corporations developed years ago to manufacture pure chlorine in the most economical, reliable, and efficient manner. You can now put that technology to work for you providing you consistent, trouble-free, economical, and reliable protection for your swimming pool year round.


The Best Pool Water of Your Life

The Chlorine Genie offers luxury pool water for your backyard paradise. No swimming in the chemical soup you find at the local pool, no salt in the water, just fresh clean luxurious water that makes it hard to believe you are swimming in a swimming pool at all.


If you are ready for the best pool water of your life… if you want economical reliable pool care… then learn more about The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System Today!



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