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What’s New With Salt Water Pools? Chlorine Genie Inc. 925 723 0400

New Salt Water Pool Technology

What’s new with Salt Water Pools? You’ll never guess… Stop putting the salt in your pool!!! That’s right. The number one way to enjoy salt water pool benefits and avoid all the salt water pool problems, drawbacks, hidden expenses, pitfalls and potential dangers with these pool systems is to take the salt out of the pool.

New patented technology breakthroughs perfected by Chlorine Genie Inc. gives you all the benefits, convenience, comfort and security that saltwater pools are supposed to deliver but often fall short of without the downside.

See today’s salt water pool video and see the latest and greatest in salt water chlorination advancements.



Is This the End of Salt Water Pools?Salt Water Pool Chlorine Generator

Is this the end of salt water pools as we’ve known them? Only time will tell, but there is no doubt this is a giant leap forward when it comes to salt water chlorinators. A truly groundbreaking development.

If you’re thinking about a salt-water pool system, or even if you’ve tried them and found you were disappointed, I guarantee the Chlorine Genie offers something you haven’t seen before. There is truly nothing else like The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System on the market. This is the new cutting edge for salt chlorine generators.

Check out The Chlorine Genie Today! See the Ultimate in Salt Water Pool Technology!!


Chlorine Genie Chlorine Gnerators

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