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New Breakthrough in Salt Water Pool Technology

Salt Water Pool Chlorinator
The Chlorine Genie Chlorinator

Chlorine Genie Inc. Martinez CA 94553For all of you thinking about a Salt Water Pool System  – for those of you struggling with your Saltwater Pool – and for those of you pool professionals who have to deal with the challenges of salt-water pool systems on a daily basis – we have exciting news for you…

New breakthroughs in Chlorine Generator Technology allows you to retain all the benefits of salt water pool chlorination and eliminate all the saltwater pool problems common with every salt in the pool system.


Solving Salt-Water Pool Problems

Salt Water Chlorinator pool systems have been plagued for years by primary design flaws. One of the major problems ironically enough is the Salt in the Pool.


  • Pool Water with all its mineral and chemical additives used as the source for the generation of pool chlorine is another huge flaw.


The Primary Design Flaws…

These major flaws and others create a host of problems that make salt water chlorination the wrong choice for many pool owners and aggravating pool care specialists to contend with.

Design Flaws Killing a Superior Technology

If you have heard about salt-water pool problems, headaches, drawbacks, potential dangers, and hidden expenses involved with salt water pools, they all derive from these primary flaws. Flaws that have begun to turn public opinion and the name saltwater pool into a derogatory word.


no salt water pools


See the Future Today

Take a closer look at The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System today… our patented technology pool sanitization system is light years ahead of any other salt chlorinator on the market. We have solved the primary design flaws with our patented chlorinator technology. In fact, the Chlorine Genie System is far more than just another salt pool system. It is a complete pool water management solution.

Get to know The Genie…

Take a look at today’s saltwater pool presentation to learn more and discover why The Chlorine Genie System is hands down the perfect New Salt Water Pool Breakthrough for the best pool water ever.


Chlorine Genie Chlorine Gnerators

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