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Jared Tucker Barcelona

Jared Tucker Chlorine Genie and The Barcelona Terror Attack
Jared Tucker Barcelona Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing Chlorine Genie

My name is Dan Tucker.  My son, Jared Tucker was the only American killed in the senseless terrorist attack in Barcelona Spain. Jared was a special person, more than just a son.  He was a companion working with me in our family business (Chlorine Genie Inc. and Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing) all his life. Everyone that knew him loved him. He was a hard worker that never looked at a time clock. Just in the last 90 days, he was helping us with the difficult tasks required by NSF to prepare our product for Certification this fall.

We are saddened to think that the senseless act of ruthless terrorists has robbed him of the opportunity to experience the joy of a great marriage, watching his three teenage daughters grow. In one tragic moment, the satisfaction of being a part of the growth of the company he loved has been taken.

We have witnessed a great outpouring of support from many people throughout the world, which bolsters our hope in the essential goodness of humanity, and we are grateful for our belief that we will see our son again. 

Our family wants to express appreciation for the condolences we have received from many of you and thank you for your support and prayers.

Dan Tucker and family.



If You Would Like to Help Please Visit:

Jared Tucker Barcelona Victim Help


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