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Salt Water Pool Electrical Costs

Salt Water Pool Electrical Costs

Salt water pools have a lot of issues there is no doubt about that, and excessive electrical costs due to inefficiency in Salt Water Pool Design is only one of them.  The way salt-water pools produce chlorine is horribly inefficient. In fact economically, and environmentally speaking it is a hog, taxing pool owners pocketbooks, and sucking off the power grid to produce enough chlorine to sanitize your pool and keep it safe.


Electrical Inefficiency

Unlike The Chlorine Genie, salt-water pools have to continually pump and filter during the chlorine generation cycle to make enough chlorine to sanitize your pool. During peak pool usage this can put quite the draw upon electrical resources, spin the electric meter, tax your wallet, and place additional wear and tear on your expensive pool equipment. The result is, you use more power than you should to generate chlorine, your pool equipment wears out faster, your wallet takes a hit, the power grid takes a draw, and you still have all the other nagging problems with saltwater pools to contend with.


Electrolysis and Salt Water Pools

Salt Water Chlorination whether it be from salt in the pool or salt in The Chlorine Genie all require electricity to make chlorine. This is carried out by an electrolytic cell where salt molecules are separated liberating the Chloride portion of the molecule to make chlorine. With a salt water pool, water has to be continually pumped through the pools plumbing and the cell in order to make chlorine. With The Genie, electrolysis is contained within the stand-alone unit. Running your pump and filter system is not necessary to generate chlorine, and the Chlorine Genie is using only about a 100 watt light bulbs worth of energy to produce the chlorine your pool needs for perfect sanitation.


Clogged Cells, Calcification, Shortened Life Spans, etc…

All salt chlorinator cells suffer from the same nagging problems. Calcium in the water builds up on electrodes quickly, affecting performance, shortening the lifespan and reliability of expensive salt chlorinator cells, and requiring frequent cleaning. Salt in the pool system also run harder to produce chlorine due to the diluted salt solution (about 3,500 ppm) that saltwater pools use.

Chlorine Generating Chemical Corporations discovered long ago Salt Water Pool Cellthat the most efficient, reliable, economical way to produce chlorine and get the most from cells was to submerge their cells in a concentrated brine solution of pre-softened tap water (not hard pool water) and salt, to run the cells at a low voltage. These companies run their cells 24hrs a day 365 days a year. They also discovered that separating the anode and cathode with a permeable membrane (isolating the reactions) was an extreme benefit.  No salt in the pool technology takes advantage of these age-old truths about manufacturing chlorine.

The salt in the pool system is outdated, inefficient, and will spin your power meter unnecessarily, taxing your wallet, your pool system, and the environment.

Only The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System utilizes all these features developed by the big Chemical Companies. The Chorine Genie is head and shoulders above every other salt chlorination system on the market in so many ways. If you are tired of salt-water pool problems including salt water pool electrical costs, learn more about The Chlorine Genie Advantage Today.


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