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Salt Water Pool Costs | Maintenance and Operation

What does it Cost to Operate a Salt Water Pool?

Cost-Effectiveness Is the basis for today’s short post, and no one should walk away from this presentation without a renewed, and deeper understanding of the true operating costs and economy of Salt Water pools vs The Chlorine Genie. To better understand the real value of The Chlorine Genie, we need to step back and look at the real costs involved with a Salt Water Pool Systems. 


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Salt-Water Pools – Not the Economical Solutions Many Believe

More than 50 years in the pool industry, 1000’s of service calls, and our extensive experience, research, and trials with salt water pools have shown us, Salt Water Pools are not the economical solution many people believe. At Chlorine Genie we have been bringing increased public attention to the truly hidden expenses, wear and tear problems, efficiency issues, and operational design flaws present with Salt Water Swimming Pool Systems.

Let’s examine some of the main reasons why The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System is the hands-down winner when it comes to Pool Chlorination Economy.


Cost of Salt Corrosionsalt water pool expenses

One of the biggest flaws made, even by uninformed pool professionals, is to underestimate the problems and impact of Salt Water Pool Corrosion. Proponents of Salt Water Pools will argue, “concentrations of salt in your pool pose no threat…” However, your hardscapes, certain plasters, concrete, mortar, pool cover hardware, pool equipment, landscaping, etc. where salted pool water is allowed to evaporate and dry, will quickly build up concentrations that will cause problems.

The result is salt corrosion that eventually eats away hard surfaces, destroys metals, kills plants, pool equipment, furniture, pool cover hardware, etc.

These costs alone, plus the fact that a Salt Water Pool will not last you as long as a standard chlorinated pool, or a Genie Chlorinated Pool should be a real issue for anyone concerned with Pool Economy.


Pool Chemicals, Pool Equipment, New Pool Routines

Another thing to account for is the additional precautions, necessary equipment, chemicals, etc. that must be factored in, and maintained properly, to operate a Salt Water PoolSalt Water conducts electricity far better than fresh water. All electrical currents, dissimilar metals, proper grounding, bonding, sacrificial anode etc. must be accounted for, and dealt with properly.


More Expenses with Salt Water Pools

Electrical Pumping Costs, along with wear and tear on pool equipment is going to be increased just to make enough chlorine for proper sanitation (especially during peak pool season). Yes, The Genie can be installed in a similar fashion, (using the pools pump and filtering system for an install that uses the pump to distribute chlorine to the pool) but it is not absolutely necessary.

There are other options for Genie Installation that are really simple and plumbed independently from your pool pump and filter systems for maximum consumer savings.


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The Chlorine Genie SolutionWalnut Creek pool chlorinator

The Genie gives you flexible installation options that can be the solution you are looking for to make your pool operation more affordable. The Genie gives you the solution you’ve been looking for to cut your saltwater pool expenses, cut wear and tear on your pool’s equipment, reduce chemical and maintenance costs, and makes your pool more enjoyable to use.

The Genie gives you options… But be assured – There will be No Salt running through the system causing problems with pumps, heaters, destroying landscapes, hardware etc.


A Hands Down Winner

When you opt in today for more information you will be treated to a presentation on The Chlorine Genie Advantage. After you finish seeing this critical pool system information, you will see why the cost of salt-water pools is no comparison to the saving you can enjoy on pool care with The Chlorine Genie!

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