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Revolutionary Pool Chlorinator Technology

Chlorine Genie Chlorinators
Chlorine generating Pool Equipment

Chlorine Genie stands alone as the only on-site Pool Chlorinator that will:

  • Make its own Chlorine from brine water.
  • Produce its own acid and base product for swimming pool pH adjustment.
  • Soften its tap water supply.
  • Produce Copper/Silver ions and chlorine from a single unit.
  • Creates an internal pumping action without any moving parts.
The Genie is the Ultimate Pool Chlorine Generator

Things all chlorine generators have in common:

  • They all have a cell comprised of a positive and negative electrode.
  • Most companies use the same type of electrodes in the salt water cell.
  • They all require salt at the positive electrode.
  • They are all powered with low voltage direct current.
  • Minerals are always attracted to the negative electrode.
What is the Best Way to Build the Ultimate on-site Chlorine Generation Unit?

This is not “Rocket Science.” Many years ago large chlorine manufacturers like Dow Chemical developed the most efficient way to produce chlorine. 


  1. They only use tap water or city water.
  2. They always soften the water before it goes into their brine tanks.
  3. Their salt cells use only softened brine water.
  4. They always keep the reactions on the anode electrode separated from the reactions on the cathode by using an ion selective membrane.
  5. They reduce the voltage to about 3 to 6 volts which lengthens the life of the electrodes.


This is the process we modeled in the Chlorine Genie’s design technology
Salt Water Pool Systems do not use the above technology!
Salt Water Cell Example
Chlorinator Brine Tank
Our industry leading on-site Pool Chemical Generation:


  1. Keeps salt in the Unit, not the pool or body of water being treated.
  2. Uses Softened Tap Water to keep the salt chlorination cell clean.
  3. Manufactures it’s own acid and base products for simple swimming pool pH control.
  4. Requires only a minimal amount of power to produce chlorine, unlike salt water pool systems.
  5. Has patented features no other pool system offers.
  6. Is easy to install and easy to maintain.
Our Commercial Pool Advantage:
Pool Water Sanitation
The Chlorine Genie Salt Chlorinator Technology can be adapted to many uses


  1. Car Washes: We have installed test units on car washes that are required to recycle their water. The units successfully eliminated foul odor and eliminated the need to purchase commercial chlorine.
  2. Cooling Towers: Algae is a major problem. Copper/Silver and free chlorine will go a long way in reducing and or eliminating the problem. Because of metal exposure corrosive salt water can not be used for this application.
  3. Third World Potable Drinking Water: A Chlorine Genie cell in brine water could sanitize potable water in a holding tank by gravity feeding the sanitizing chemicals. A 200 watt solar panel would be needed to provide the power. The water would then need to be filtered before it was discharged in the holding tank.
  4. City Potable Drinking Water: Fresno, CA. has used this type of  system on its wells that feed the main water system.
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