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Pool Water Maintenance - The Chlorine Genie Solution

No More Swimming in “junk.”

When it comes to pool water maintenance, there had to be something better than the “junk” pool chemicals people were swimming in. There had to be something better than transporting, storing, and managing costly dangerous chemicals that you pour into your pool. There had to be something better than burning red eyes, funny hair color, itching irritated skin, and the hassle of managing good clean pool water. After all pools were supposed to be fun right?

Salt Water Pool Chlorine Generator

A New Vision for Pool Maintenance…

When Chlorine Genie’s inventor and company President Dan Tucker began his pool water maintenance career (working for a company called Chloromatic Inc.), it was exciting to be on the cutting edge with a new pool technology that promised to solve those issues by manufacturing your own chlorine, cutting out the middle man, and giving you a safer, friendlier, kind of non-irritating pool experience. (See our “company history for the full story).

A Rocky Start…

Unfortunately the Salt Water Pool System Dan originally marketed, sold, repaired, and pulled his hair out over – didn’t really work all that well. It didn’t deliver everything pool owners were looking for.

That was 40 years ago and although the Salt Water Pool system has advanced some since then (Dan’s seen it all), the salt water systems still suffer from many of the problems that made them a headache right from the start.

Breakthrough Pool Water Maintenance Technology

There had to be a better way Dan thought… and so the Chlorine Genie was born. Today it is the culmination of years of research, experimentation, persistence, hands on blood, sweat, tears, and the raw determination necessary to create the Ultimate Pool Water Management System.

Thank goodness for Dan’s hands on ability, his relentless quest for something better, the persistence, and desire to achieve something no one else had.

The result is the Chlorine Genie – The Ultimate Pool Sanitation System 

Enjoy the Best Swim of Your Life…

We want you to enjoy the best swim of your life. We want you to experience the luxurious, safe, clean, comfortable water that only the Chlorine Genie can provide.

 A Genie for every Pool…

We encourage you to learn more about the technology behind the Genie, the benefits, its economy, ease of use, and why it will give you the most comfortable, luxurious, trouble free water, without pouring in “junk” or adding salt to your swimming pool. The Genie makes pool water maintenance a snap.

Chlorine Genie Logo


-Get the Chlorine Genie Advantage Today-

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