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Pool Management Technology

The Chlorine Genie’s advance pool management technology makes maintaining your pool water a breeze. No pouring nasty chemicals into your pool then swimming in them, no dumping hundreds of pounds of corrosive salt into the pool ever again. No burning eyes, itching skin, faded fabrics, and funny colored hair.


No pH Management Problems

Let the Genie handle them for you with the turn of a dial.


Commercial Pool Water Management

Have a large commercial application? Let the Genie’s patented chlorine and copper/silver ion technology handle it for you. Enjoy the cleanest, clearest, safest, most luxurious water ever.


Imagine Never Buying Chlorine Again

Both economical and easy to use the Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System keeps you from handling dangerous chlorine products, and alleviates the headaches, expense, problems and potential dangers associated with chlorine based products.


No Salt Water Pool Management Problems

Imagine the benefits of a salt water pool management system without the salt water pool problems. No added expenses, hidden costs and dangers associated with saltwater pools, just reliable pool sanitation and simple pool water management.


Let the Genie Manage your Pool for You…

Put your pool water management worries to rest…the Genie has you covered.

Click Here to: learn what the Genie can do for you.

Genie Technology

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