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Take a Deeper Look at The Chlorine Genie Advantage!Walnut Creek pool chlorinator

Take a deeper look at the Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System. This cutting edge patented technology solves the common problems and drawbacks of standard Salt Water Pools and gives us a whole new perspective when it comes to chlorine generators for commercial and residential pools.

View Our Videos Website and Manual

If you’ve ever wondered about salt chlorination and whether it is the right system for your pool, check out the Chlorine Genie website, visit our YouTube Channel  and if you are really curious dig into our PDF Owners Manual Chlorine Genie R-30 Owner’s-Manual to learn more.

Setting a Whole New Standard

The Chlorine Genie is setting a whole new standard for salt chlorination and pool water management and does what no Salt Water Pool Can, it gets the corrosive salt out of your pool water where it can harm surfaces, equipment, clog the cell with pool water contaminants (hard water) etc. and provides you with a whole new solid footing for salt chlorination advantages without the drawbacks, hidden costs, headaches, and even the potential dangers that all other Salt Water Pool Chlorine Generators are famous for.

A Breakthrough Technological Advantage in Modern Chlorine Generation

Unlike primitive salt pool systems, The Genie uses newly patented chlorinator processes based upon standard chlorine generating technology long ago perfected by the large Chlorine Producer Companies. Companies like Dow Chemical etc. long ago mastered and perfected the process of generating chlorine in the most reliable, economical, and productive fashion possible. Why re-invent the wheel? We didn’t. Instead, we adopted the industry standard process (that no salt in the pool system uses) of generating pure nascent chlorine and modified it to work in a simple, reliable, efficient, stand alone pool chlorine generator.

So Many Advantages!

There are so many advantages to this method of salt chlorination that I will not list them all here. Visit all of our website to learn more. See all of our videos online just Google Chlorine Genie YouTube

Call us today at 925-723-0400 we can answer all your questions, and we’d love to hear from you…


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