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Solving Salt Water Pool Problems - "Here’s how I did it"

I solved the Salt Water Chlorinator/Salt Water Pool Problem

How did I do it…? Well it was a long journey. Let me just give you the basics.

  • First, I stopped dumping hundreds of pounds of salt into the pool water. Instead, I put the salt
    into a molded brine tank. This went a long way toward solving the salt water pool problem.


  • Second, I stopped running pool water through the electronic cell. I use household water instead. Household water is always softer than pool water (less mineral buildup). Salt water pools use pool water in their cells (very bad).


  • Third, I run the household water through a built-in reverse osmosis unit that removes minerals chlorinator unitbefore the water enters the brine tank. As a result, the cell is submerged in mineral-free brine water. This process makes the cell much more efficient and eliminates the salt water pool problem of minerals depositing in the cell.


  • Fourth, I keep the chemical process separated inside the unit so that I can control the pH of the solution going to the pool. (our latest pulsating acid circuitry makes this a breeze). As a result, with a simple valve setting, the pool owner can slowly move the pH up or down in the pool without using acid or soda ash.


  • Fifth, the entire process is done totally independent from the filtering system so it does not force the pool owner to run his filter pump extra hours. This can give the pool owner substantial savings on his energy bill.


No other Pool Equipment Compares

There is nothing else like it in the pool equipment industry. Chlorine Genie Chlorinators are the cutting edge advantage when it comes to simple, efficient, green technology for the best pool water ever. This is literally how we took the best that saltwater pools had to offer and eliminated and solved the salt in the pool problems.



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