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Salt Water Pool Costs | Maintenance and Operation

What does it Cost to Operate a Salt Water Pool? Cost-Effectiveness Is the basis for today’s short post, and no one should walk away from this presentation without a renewed, and deeper understanding of the true operating costs and economy of Salt Water pools vs The Chlorine Genie. To better understand the real value of The […]

Salt Water Pool Electrical Costs

Salt Water Pool Electrical Costs Salt water pools have a lot of issues there is no doubt about that, and excessive electrical costs due to inefficiency in Salt Water Pool Design is only one of them.  The way salt-water pools produce chlorine is horribly inefficient. In fact economically, and environmentally speaking it is a hog, […]

No Salt in the Pool Salt Water Pool?

  A No Salt Pool? That’s right… want to solve your Salt Water Pool Problems? Then get the salt out of the swimming pool and into The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System. Let The Genie handle salt chlorination for your pools sanitation in an efficient, trouble-free manner. Save your back, save the salt, save electricity, […]

Jared Tucker Barcelona

Jared Tucker Chlorine Genie and The Barcelona Terror Attack My name is Dan Tucker.  My son, Jared Tucker was the only American killed in the senseless terrorist attack in Barcelona Spain. Jared was a special person, more than just a son.  He was a companion working with me in our family business (Chlorine Genie Inc. […]

New Salt Water Pool Breakthrough

New Breakthrough in Salt Water Pool Technology For all of you thinking about a Salt Water Pool System  – for those of you struggling with your Saltwater Pool – and for those of you pool professionals who have to deal with the challenges of salt-water pool systems on a daily basis – we have exciting news for you… […]

What’s New With Salt Water Pools?

New Salt Water Pool Technology What’s new with Salt Water Pools? You’ll never guess… Stop putting the salt in your pool!!! That’s right. The number one way to enjoy salt water pool benefits and avoid all the salt water pool problems, drawbacks, hidden expenses, pitfalls and potential dangers with these pool systems is to take the […]

Salt Water Pool Technology

Salt Water Pool Technology In the last several decades, salt water pools have become very popular. Many pool builders have installed salt water generators on new pool constructions nationwide. Salt water pools come with both positive and negative features: Positive: An inline salt water cell can reduce or eliminate the need for purchasing commercial chlorine. The […]

Salt Water Pool Problems

Salt Water Pool Problems If you are considering any of the popular salt water pool systems on the market today, there are some critical salt water pool problems you will want to be aware of before you ever think of taking the plunge. Many pool stores, salesman, pool professionals, and even builders tend to only mention […]