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Salt Water Pool Costs | Maintenance and Operation

What does it Cost to Operate a Salt Water Pool?

Cost-Effectiveness Is the basis for today’s short post, and no one should walk away from this presentation without a renewed, and deeper understanding of the true operating costs and economy of Salt Water pools vs The Chlorine Genie. To better understand the real value of The Chlorine Genie, we need to step back and look at the real costs involved with a Salt Water Pool Systems. 


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Salt-Water Pools – Not the Economical Solutions Many Believe

More than 50 years in the pool industry, 1000’s of service calls, and our extensive experience, research, and trials with salt water pools have shown us, Salt Water Pools are not the economical solution many people believe. At Chlorine Genie we have been bringing increased public attention to the truly hidden expenses, wear and tear problems, efficiency issues, and operational design flaws present with Salt Water Swimming Pool Systems.

Let’s examine some of the main reasons why The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System is the hands-down winner when it comes to Pool Chlorination Economy.


Cost of Salt Corrosionsalt water pool expenses

One of the biggest flaws made, even by uninformed pool professionals, is to underestimate the problems and impact of Salt Water Pool Corrosion. Proponents of Salt Water Pools will argue, “concentrations of salt in your pool pose no threat…” However, your hardscapes, certain plasters, concrete, mortar, pool cover hardware, pool equipment, landscaping, etc. where salted pool water is allowed to evaporate and dry, will quickly build up concentrations that will cause problems.

The result is salt corrosion that eventually eats away hard surfaces, destroys metals, kills plants, pool equipment, furniture, pool cover hardware, etc.

These costs alone, plus the fact that a Salt Water Pool will not last you as long as a standard chlorinated pool, or a Genie Chlorinated Pool should be a real issue for anyone concerned with Pool Economy.


Pool Chemicals, Pool Equipment, New Pool Routines

Another thing to account for is the additional precautions, necessary equipment, chemicals, etc. that must be factored in, and maintained properly, to operate a Salt Water PoolSalt Water conducts electricity far better than fresh water. All electrical currents, dissimilar metals, proper grounding, bonding, sacrificial anode etc. must be accounted for, and dealt with properly.


More Expenses with Salt Water Pools

Electrical Pumping Costs, along with wear and tear on pool equipment is going to be increased just to make enough chlorine for proper sanitation (especially during peak pool season). Yes, The Genie can be installed in a similar fashion, (using the pools pump and filtering system for an install that uses the pump to distribute chlorine to the pool) but it is not absolutely necessary.

There are other options for Genie Installation that are really simple and plumbed independently from your pool pump and filter systems for maximum consumer savings.


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The Chlorine Genie SolutionWalnut Creek pool chlorinator

The Genie gives you flexible installation options that can be the solution you are looking for to make your pool operation more affordable. The Genie gives you the solution you’ve been looking for to cut your saltwater pool expenses, cut wear and tear on your pool’s equipment, reduce chemical and maintenance costs, and makes your pool more enjoyable to use.

The Genie gives you options… But be assured – There will be No Salt running through the system causing problems with pumps, heaters, destroying landscapes, hardware etc.


A Hands Down Winner

When you opt in today for more information you will be treated to a presentation on The Chlorine Genie Advantage. After you finish seeing this critical pool system information, you will see why the cost of salt-water pools is no comparison to the saving you can enjoy on pool care with The Chlorine Genie!

Salt Water Pool Electrical Costs

Salt Water Pool Electrical Costs

Salt water pools have a lot of issues there is no doubt about that, and excessive electrical costs due to inefficiency in Salt Water Pool Design is only one of them.  The way salt-water pools produce chlorine is horribly inefficient. In fact economically, and environmentally speaking it is a hog, taxing pool owners pocketbooks, and sucking off the power grid to produce enough chlorine to sanitize your pool and keep it safe.


Electrical Inefficiency

Unlike The Chlorine Genie, salt-water pools have to continually pump and filter during the chlorine generation cycle to make enough chlorine to sanitize your pool. During peak pool usage this can put quite the draw upon electrical resources, spin the electric meter, tax your wallet, and place additional wear and tear on your expensive pool equipment. The result is, you use more power than you should to generate chlorine, your pool equipment wears out faster, your wallet takes a hit, the power grid takes a draw, and you still have all the other nagging problems with saltwater pools to contend with.


Electrolysis and Salt Water Pools

Salt Water Chlorination whether it be from salt in the pool or salt in The Chlorine Genie all require electricity to make chlorine. This is carried out by an electrolytic cell where salt molecules are separated liberating the Chloride portion of the molecule to make chlorine. With a salt water pool, water has to be continually pumped through the pools plumbing and the cell in order to make chlorine. With The Genie, electrolysis is contained within the stand-alone unit. Running your pump and filter system is not necessary to generate chlorine, and the Chlorine Genie is using only about a 100 watt light bulbs worth of energy to produce the chlorine your pool needs for perfect sanitation.


Clogged Cells, Calcification, Shortened Life Spans, etc…

All salt chlorinator cells suffer from the same nagging problems. Calcium in the water builds up on electrodes quickly, affecting performance, shortening the lifespan and reliability of expensive salt chlorinator cells, and requiring frequent cleaning. Salt in the pool system also run harder to produce chlorine due to the diluted salt solution (about 3,500 ppm) that saltwater pools use.

Chlorine Generating Chemical Corporations discovered long ago Salt Water Pool Cellthat the most efficient, reliable, economical way to produce chlorine and get the most from cells was to submerge their cells in a concentrated brine solution of pre-softened tap water (not hard pool water) and salt, to run the cells at a low voltage. These companies run their cells 24hrs a day 365 days a year. They also discovered that separating the anode and cathode with a permeable membrane (isolating the reactions) was an extreme benefit.  No salt in the pool technology takes advantage of these age-old truths about manufacturing chlorine.

The salt in the pool system is outdated, inefficient, and will spin your power meter unnecessarily, taxing your wallet, your pool system, and the environment.

Only The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System utilizes all these features developed by the big Chemical Companies. The Chorine Genie is head and shoulders above every other salt chlorination system on the market in so many ways. If you are tired of salt-water pool problems including salt water pool electrical costs, learn more about The Chlorine Genie Advantage Today.


Chlorine Genie Chlorine Gnerators

No Salt in the Pool Salt Water Pool?


A No Salt Pool?Salt Water Pool Chlorine Generator

That’s right… want to solve your Salt Water Pool Problems? Then get the salt out of the swimming pool and into The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System. Let The Genie handle salt chlorination for your pools sanitation in an efficient, trouble-free manner. Save your back, save the salt, save electricity, and save your pool by not dumping hundreds of pounds of corrosive salt into it.


Salt in the Pool?

Salt in the swimming pool is one of the biggest problems with salt water pool systems. Salt in the pool water causes all kinds of problems that drive pool owners and pool professionals crazy. Though salt chlorination is a wonderful way to sanitize your pool, keep it clean, sparkling, and safe, dumping salt into your swimming pool water and using that water to generate chlorine is a huge design flaw that creates a host of problems too extensive to cover in this short article.

Please visit our full website and request information to learn more.


Stand Alone Salt Chlorination

Our all in one stand-alone solution is what you’ve been looking for in an easy, simple, reliable, automated pool sanitation solution. Our patented salt chlorinator technology is hands down the winner when it comes to solving saltwater pool problems and giving you the best in fresh clean luxurious water. Put a sack or two of salt into The Genie, not your swimming pool and kiss all those nagging salt-water pool drawbacks, problems, headaches, hidden expenses, and potential dangers behind you.


Swim in Fresh Not Salt Water

Our patented salt chlorinator technology ensures that the salt stays in the unit and out of the pool. There are no corrosion issues to deal with, your fabrics, eyes, pool hardware, lights, ladders, etc. are all safe. In fact, The Chlorine Genie Chlorinator uses the same process that the big chemical corporations developed years ago to manufacture pure chlorine in the most economical, reliable, and efficient manner. You can now put that technology to work for you providing you consistent, trouble-free, economical, and reliable protection for your swimming pool year round.


The Best Pool Water of Your Life

The Chlorine Genie offers luxury pool water for your backyard paradise. No swimming in the chemical soup you find at the local pool, no salt in the water, just fresh clean luxurious water that makes it hard to believe you are swimming in a swimming pool at all.


If you are ready for the best pool water of your life… if you want economical reliable pool care… then learn more about The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System Today!



Chlorine Genie Chlorine Gnerators


Jared Tucker Barcelona

Jared Tucker Chlorine Genie and The Barcelona Terror Attack
Jared Tucker Barcelona Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing Chlorine Genie

My name is Dan Tucker.  My son, Jared Tucker was the only American killed in the senseless terrorist attack in Barcelona Spain. Jared was a special person, more than just a son.  He was a companion working with me in our family business (Chlorine Genie Inc. and Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing) all his life. Everyone that knew him loved him. He was a hard worker that never looked at a time clock. Just in the last 90 days, he was helping us with the difficult tasks required by NSF to prepare our product for Certification this fall.

We are saddened to think that the senseless act of ruthless terrorists has robbed him of the opportunity to experience the joy of a great marriage, watching his three teenage daughters grow. In one tragic moment, the satisfaction of being a part of the growth of the company he loved has been taken.

We have witnessed a great outpouring of support from many people throughout the world, which bolsters our hope in the essential goodness of humanity, and we are grateful for our belief that we will see our son again. 

Our family wants to express appreciation for the condolences we have received from many of you and thank you for your support and prayers.

Dan Tucker and family.



If You Would Like to Help Please Visit:

Jared Tucker Barcelona Victim Help


New Salt Water Pool Breakthrough

New Breakthrough in Salt Water Pool Technology

Salt Water Pool Chlorinator
The Chlorine Genie Chlorinator

Chlorine Genie Inc. Martinez CA 94553For all of you thinking about a Salt Water Pool System  – for those of you struggling with your Saltwater Pool – and for those of you pool professionals who have to deal with the challenges of salt-water pool systems on a daily basis – we have exciting news for you…

New breakthroughs in Chlorine Generator Technology allows you to retain all the benefits of salt water pool chlorination and eliminate all the saltwater pool problems common with every salt in the pool system.


Solving Salt-Water Pool Problems

Salt Water Chlorinator pool systems have been plagued for years by primary design flaws. One of the major problems ironically enough is the Salt in the Pool.


  • Pool Water with all its mineral and chemical additives used as the source for the generation of pool chlorine is another huge flaw.


The Primary Design Flaws…

These major flaws and others create a host of problems that make salt water chlorination the wrong choice for many pool owners and aggravating pool care specialists to contend with.

Design Flaws Killing a Superior Technology

If you have heard about salt-water pool problems, headaches, drawbacks, potential dangers, and hidden expenses involved with salt water pools, they all derive from these primary flaws. Flaws that have begun to turn public opinion and the name saltwater pool into a derogatory word.


no salt water pools


See the Future Today

Take a closer look at The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System today… our patented technology pool sanitization system is light years ahead of any other salt chlorinator on the market. We have solved the primary design flaws with our patented chlorinator technology. In fact, the Chlorine Genie System is far more than just another salt pool system. It is a complete pool water management solution.

Get to know The Genie…

Take a look at today’s saltwater pool presentation to learn more and discover why The Chlorine Genie System is hands down the perfect New Salt Water Pool Breakthrough for the best pool water ever.


Chlorine Genie Chlorine Gnerators

What’s New With Salt Water Pools?

New Salt Water Pool Technology

What’s new with Salt Water Pools? You’ll never guess… Stop putting the salt in your pool!!! That’s right. The number one way to enjoy salt water pool benefits and avoid all the salt water pool problems, drawbacks, hidden expenses, pitfalls and potential dangers with these pool systems is to take the salt out of the pool.

New patented technology breakthroughs perfected by Chlorine Genie Inc. gives you all the benefits, convenience, comfort and security that saltwater pools are supposed to deliver but often fall short of without the downside.

See today’s salt water pool video and see the latest and greatest in salt water chlorination advancements.



Is This the End of Salt Water Pools?Salt Water Pool Chlorine Generator

Is this the end of salt water pools as we’ve known them? Only time will tell, but there is no doubt this is a giant leap forward when it comes to salt water chlorinators. A truly groundbreaking development.

If you’re thinking about a salt-water pool system, or even if you’ve tried them and found you were disappointed, I guarantee the Chlorine Genie offers something you haven’t seen before. There is truly nothing else like The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System on the market. This is the new cutting edge for salt chlorine generators.

Check out The Chlorine Genie Today! See the Ultimate in Salt Water Pool Technology!!


Chlorine Genie Chlorine Gnerators

Learn More – Take a Deeper Look at the Chlorine Genie

Take a Deeper Look at The Chlorine Genie Advantage!Walnut Creek pool chlorinator

Take a deeper look at the Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System. This cutting edge patented technology solves the common problems and drawbacks of standard Salt Water Pools and gives us a whole new perspective when it comes to chlorine generators for commercial and residential pools.

View Our Videos Website and Manual

If you’ve ever wondered about salt chlorination and whether it is the right system for your pool, check out the Chlorine Genie website, visit our YouTube Channel  and if you are really curious dig into our PDF Owners Manual Chlorine Genie R-30 Owner’s-Manual to learn more.

Setting a Whole New Standard

The Chlorine Genie is setting a whole new standard for salt chlorination and pool water management and does what no Salt Water Pool Can, it gets the corrosive salt out of your pool water where it can harm surfaces, equipment, clog the cell with pool water contaminants (hard water) etc. and provides you with a whole new solid footing for salt chlorination advantages without the drawbacks, hidden costs, headaches, and even the potential dangers that all other Salt Water Pool Chlorine Generators are famous for.

A Breakthrough Technological Advantage in Modern Chlorine Generation

Unlike primitive salt pool systems, The Genie uses newly patented chlorinator processes based upon standard chlorine generating technology long ago perfected by the large Chlorine Producer Companies. Companies like Dow Chemical etc. long ago mastered and perfected the process of generating chlorine in the most reliable, economical, and productive fashion possible. Why re-invent the wheel? We didn’t. Instead, we adopted the industry standard process (that no salt in the pool system uses) of generating pure nascent chlorine and modified it to work in a simple, reliable, efficient, stand alone pool chlorine generator.

So Many Advantages!

There are so many advantages to this method of salt chlorination that I will not list them all here. Visit all of our website to learn more. See all of our videos online just Google Chlorine Genie YouTube

Call us today at 925-723-0400 we can answer all your questions, and we’d love to hear from you…


Walnut Creek

 Walnut Creek Pools and Spas

Your Walnut Creek pool and spa is a source of fun, health, exercise, and enjoyment for friends and the entire family, as well as a private sanctuary where you can soak away your cares, in the privacy, safety, and security of your own luxurious pool water.


Don’t Ruin Your Investment…Chlorine Genie Inc. Martinez CA 94553

Don’t let the perfect value of your investment deteriorate. Your pool water management should be simple, efficient, economical, pain-free, and should provide you with the ultimate in safety, comfort, and security. At Chlorine Genie Inc. we have been dedicated to providing Walnut Creek pool owners and residents of Contra Costa County the best possible pool water experience, and the highest quality pool water management systems and equipment for over 25 years.


walnut creek pool


Creating Your Personal Paradise

There are many considerations when it comes to creating the perfect pool paradise – landscape design, pool construction, selecting the appropriate plants for your location, and additional elements such as fire pits, barbecues, and usable space. But most of all, your water quality, safety, and comfort should be the primary consideration. What good are all the other planning, expense, and features if your pool water is unhealthy, kills your landscaping, irritates your eyes and skin, and smells like a chemical soup?


Walnut Creek pool chlorinator

The Chlorine Genie Chlorinator
The Chlorine Genie Chlorinator

Luxurious Pool Water

We’ve built our reputation and our business on the foundation of making our clients pool water quality the number one priority. Simple, Safe, and easy to use – The Chlorine Genie Water Management System provides Walnut Creek pool owners with the ultimate in pool water clarity, safety, and luxurious comfort.


Serving all Contra Costa County Pools

We are proud to serve Contra Costa County pools and the surrounding S.F. Bay Area as we continue to enhance pool water safety, comfort, and lasting beauty for your family to enjoy. It is our privilege to be a part of this wonderful community, not only as your pool water management specialists but also we hope as your lifelong friends.


We’d love to work with you!

Please take a look at our full website to educate yourself on the benefits of The Chlorine Genie System then give us a call at the office (925) 723 0400 or shoot us an email to enjoy the safest, cleanest, most luxurious water in your Walnut Creek or Contra Costa County pool today.



chlorinator pool water benefits

Summertime with The Chlorine Genie…

Summer – Summer – Summer!

Advanced Pool Water Management Systems

Our Advanced Pool Water Management System insures smooth simple operation, and the safest, cleanest, most luxurious water ever.
We are not another “Salt Water Pool” system! In fact we are a superior saltwater pool alternative that transforms and overcomes the problems and potential dangers of salt water pools
Give us a call today to get the Chlorine Genie Advantage!

Chlorine Genie Inc.Chlorine Genie Logo
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Martinez, CA 94553

Telephone: +1 (925) 723 0400
FAX: +1 (925) 723  0440

Salt Water Pool Technology

Salt Water Pool Technology

In the last several decades, salt water pools have become very popular. Many pool builders have installed salt water generators on new pool constructions nationwide.GenieOnly500px

Salt water pools come with both positive and negative features:


  • An inline salt water cell can reduce or eliminate the need for purchasing commercial chlorine.
  • The pool becomes easier for the pool owner to take care of.
  • Generating and delivering chlorine daily makes the pool water safer.
  • No transporting, storing, handling dangerous chlorine products.



  • Hundreds of lbs. of salt need to be dumped into the pool to start system. Saltwater is corrosive and can cause problems on pool surface & equipment.
  • An inline cell will always cause the pH of the pool water to go up requiring the frequent addition of acid to the pool.
  • Chlorine can only be generated when the filter is running which requires long filtering time and increased electrical consumption.
  • Salt water is hard on the surrounding environment, pool equipment, and landscaping.


(Click Here Now to learn more about: Salt Water Pool Problems)


Things all Inline Chlorine Generators have in common:

  • They all have a cell comprised of a positive and negative electrode.
  • Most companies use the same type of electrodes.
  • They all require salt at the positive electrode.
  • They are all powered by low voltage direct current.
  • Minerals are always attracted to the negative electrode.

Cell Maintenance and Cleaning

Acid washing a cell: When pool water is run through most inline cells, the cell will need to be acid

salt chlorinator cell problems
Dirty Salt Chlorinator Cell

washed periodically. This can be problematic because most pool owners fail to do this, and a pool serviceman will charge for the service. Also, depending on what type of chemicals was previously used in the pool, (how hard the make-up water is and how long since the pool water has been changed) the cell can get a mineral build-up very quickly thus lowering its efficiency and shortening its life.

Some systems pulsate their cells by reversing the polarity.
This is bad because anodes do not like to run as a cathode and cathodes do not like to run as anodes; employing this method to keep cells clean shortens the life of both electrodes. When small amounts of mineral flake off the electrodes they leave a deposit on the bottom of the pool that is very evident especially on darker pool surfaces. At best, this process does not keep the cell very clean.

Some systems inject acid into the cell during the “off” cycle of the filter.
This method is bad because of several problems. It is hard to keep the acid in the cell after it is injected, and the acid can reduce the pH of the pool more than necessary. Feeding acid to the pool through the plumbing can cause staining or etching especially on older pools where copper plumbing was used.


Click Here: See how The Chlorine Genie System Solves Salt Water Pool Problems

How the Big Companies Make Chlorine.

Large chlorine generating companies like Dow Chemical have long ago developed the most efficient way to produce chlorine. For the most part, they do the following:
1. They use tap water or city water (not pool water).
2. They soften the water before it goes into their brine tanks (removing minerals that cause electrode build up and destroy cells).
3. They use only softened brine water in their cells.
4. Their anode electrodes are always positive and their cathode electrodes are always negative.
5. They keep the reactions on the anode electrode separated from the reactions on the cathode by using an ion selective membrane.
6. Reduce the voltage to about 3 to 6 volts which lengthen the life of the electrodes.
7. To verify how they do this (Click this link: “How Chlorine is Made”)


By downsizing the perfected technology that the large companies have developed, you can now have a pool water management system installed in a backyard pool that takes advantage of the above six positive points.

chlorinator pool water benefits

Salt Water Pool Problems

Salt Water Pool Problems

If you are considering any of the populargirl in pool water salt water pool systems on the market today, there are some critical salt water pool problems you will want to be aware of before you ever think of taking the plunge.

Many pool stores, salesman, pool professionals, and even builders tend to only mention the benefits of these popular pool systems, ignoring altogether the hidden costs, potential dangers, and problems of salt water pools.

  • To avoid potential problems and consumer disappointment, you should do your homework thoroughly. Be aware of what common problems usually arise, the reasons behind them, and what alternatives exist so you can avoid unnecessary pool system disappointments.


The following list, links, video, and additional resources will help you identify some of the most common salt water pool problems, what to look out for, and what potential alternatives exist.


  1. Hundreds of lbs. of Salt in Your Pool:

For any salt in the pool system to work correctly, hundreds of pounds of salt must be added to the pool water to reach a concentration of pool salt necessary for chlorine generation. However, the concentration of “salt in in the pool systems” is not optimal or efficient for peak chlorine production. In fact, many complain about the inability to reach acceptable pool chlorine concentrations during the peak pool season.

  • This high concentration of salt in the pool water increases TDS (total dissolved solids) and creates pool water management challenges all their own.


  • Salt Concentrations are Critical: Low salt levels (less than 2000 ppm) can damage the anode and shorten the lifespan of the salt water chlorinator cell. Also, if the salt concentration is too low the unit will not be able to produce enough pool chlorine. Recommended salt concentration varies greatly between chlorinator models and manufacturers, but it is recommended you continually monitor levels, and maintain them at the upper end of the manufacturer’s scale. (Again this will compound problems with total dissolved solids.)


  • Low concentration of salt also makes the production of chlorine inefficient. Dow Chemical, Clorox, etc. have all done the research on how to efficiently produce chlorine. They use tap water (not pool water) to make a concentrated brine solution in which to submerge their cells. The brine solution requires less voltage and makes the system substantially more efficient. None of the salt in the pool systems use the above technology as do the big chemical companies.


  1. Total Dissolved Solids:GenieOnly500px

Salt in the pool like we’ve said increases the TDS. This is a problem. If the TDS is too high, staining and reduced activity of pool chemicals can negatively impact the pool water. Water can become cloudy and problematic. According to some pool authorities, the acceptable level for TDS is 1,500 ppm. Most salt water pools need 3,000 to 6,000 ppm of salt in the water to function.


  1. Corrosion Damage:

Salt Water Systems are not necessarily safe on pool equipment, pool surfaces, landscaping, etc. Salt by nature is corrosive. Although salt suspended in solution in the pool water may not be corrosive at levels below 3500 ppm, it quickly builds up on surfaces where water evaporates and leaves pure salt deposits.

  • Salt can have a negative impact on far more than just landscaping features. Salt can attack and negatively impact the cement in the pool plaster and decking materials. It can also produce unsightly residues, stains, and even etch certain materials. A common problem is corrosion of the ladder where the saltwater will eat the anchors over time. Tile, rock, concrete, etc. may all be affected so you should be prepared to seal surfaces and materials where salty pool water exposure takes place.



  1. Conductivity – The Unseen lurking danger:lightning-bolt

Salt water conducts electricity far better than fresh water. Stray electrical currents can move through the water causing electrolysis and damaging all metal parts of the pool and pool equipment. Higher voltages have the potential to cause serious injury or even death.

(See: Father dies trying to save 9-year-old daughter)

  1. Long Filtering Times:

Salt water pool systems have an inline salt water cell which means chlorine can only be produced when the filter is running. However, the relatively low salt concentration of salt water pools makes chlorine production inefficient. As a result pumps and filters must be run for long hours pumping salt and water through the salt chlorinator cell which increases energy consumption and wears and tear on your equipment. Even at peak production salt in the pool systems may never reach the critical chlorine production levels necessary to keep up with demand during peak pool usage.

  • Factors that can increase chlorine demand include heavy pool traffic, hot weather, increased sunshine, and low pool stabilizer levels. Consumers complain when they find the need for addition pool chlorine on a pool system that was supposed to eliminate the need for adding chlorine.



  1. pH Problems:

Proper monitoring and balancing of pH are critical. pH levels should be maintained between 7.4-7.6. If pH moves outside of this range your chlorine becomes much less effective. This is a constant problem for “salt in the pool generators.” With a salt water pool, all the chemicals produced in the cell end up in the pool which drive the pH to the alkaline side of the spectrum and acid has to be continually added to keep the water balanced.

  • This is a real disappointment for unsuspecting consumers who were promised maintenance-free systems. The truth is, managing pH becomes a major chore with a salt water pool system.



Click Here: See how we’ve eliminated these problems with the Chlorine Genie System…


  1. Cell Maintenance, Cleaning, and Replacement:

The cathode side of all inline chlorinator cells attracts mineral from the pool water that causes a buildup on the electrode. Mineral buildup shortens the life of the salt cell, affects the chlorine production, and necessitates regular cleaning and proper maintenance. If the buildup is not addressed the cell will rapidly clog, stop working, or require expensive replacement.

Salt Water Pool Problems

  • All saltwater chlorinator cells require cleaning for proper functioning. Methods of cell cleaning vary. Some companies reverse the polarity of the electrical current to the cell in an attempt to keep it cleaner. This will always limit the lifespan of the cells. Anodes do not like to be run as cathodes and cathodes do not like to be run as anodes. Reversing the polarity also removes flakes of minerals from the Cathode and deposits them in the pool, creating unsightly debris in the bottom of the pool which becomes especially apparent in darker colored pools.
  • Some units require removal of the cell unit, manual cleaning, and acid washing every season to maintain the performance of the cell. This can be a chore. Many pool owners don’t adhere to good maintenance rituals and it leads to cell clogging, poor performance, and premature cell failure. Maintenance can be costly and cell replacement prohibitive.



The Chlorine Genie is different

After more than 40 years in the pool industry and running countless thousands of hours in service calls chlorinator uniton saltwater pool systems, we learned how to eliminate and solve the biggest salt water pool problems all salt water systems suffer from. The Chlorine Genie pool water management system solves the above problems.


Here’s how we did it:

  1. We isolated the salt. We put the salt in the unit, not in the pool.
  2. We connect household water to the unit. (No pool water enters the unit.)
  3. Our cell is submerged in a concentrated salt brine solution. It produces chlorine far more efficiently than any “salt in the pool unit.”
  4. The small amount of water the unit uses is pre-softened removing most of the mineral before it enters the cell. (This keeps cells running cleaner longer.)
  5. We have a sealed acid reservoir inside the brine tank. (The cell can be cleaned with the flip of a switch.)
  6. Our cell produces a mild acid and base product. (We can adjust pool pH up or down without commercial chemicals.)
  7. Our commercial units include a built-in adjustable copper/silver cell to ionizing the water and reducing chlorine demand by up to 80%.
  8. We have a patented process (more than 40 claims on this technology) that provides you the ultimate in pool water management.


Click Here Now: Learn More about The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System Today!


Contact Us Today for More Information



Pool Water Maintenance Research

No More Swimming in “junk.”

When it comes to pool water maintenance, there had to be something better than the “junk” pool chemicals people were swimming in. There had to be something better than transporting, storing, and managing costly dangerous chemicals that you pour into your pool. There had to be something better than burning red eyes, funny hair color, itching irritated skin, and the hassle of managing good clean pool water. After all pools were supposed to be fun right?

Salt Water Pool Chlorine Generator

A New Vision for Pool Maintenance…

When Chlorine Genie’s inventor and company President Dan Tucker began his pool water maintenance career (working for a company called Chloromatic Inc.), it was exciting to be on the cutting edge with a new pool technology that promised to solve those issues by manufacturing your own chlorine, cutting out the middle man, and giving you a safer, friendlier, kind of non-irritating pool experience. (See our “company history for the full story).

A Rocky Start…

Unfortunately the Salt Water Pool System Dan originally marketed, sold, repaired, and pulled his hair out over – didn’t really work all that well. It didn’t deliver everything pool owners were looking for.

That was 40 years ago and although the Salt Water Pool system has advanced some since then (Dan’s seen it all), the salt water systems still suffer from many of the problems that made them a headache right from the start.

Breakthrough Pool Water Maintenance Technology

There had to be a better way Dan thought… and so the Chlorine Genie was born. Today it is the culmination of years of research, experimentation, persistence, hands on blood, sweat, tears, and the raw determination necessary to create the Ultimate Pool Water Management System.

Thank goodness for Dan’s hands on ability, his relentless quest for something better, the persistence, and desire to achieve something no one else had.

The result is the Chlorine Genie – The Ultimate Pool Sanitation System 

Enjoy the Best Swim of Your Life…

We want you to enjoy the best swim of your life. We want you to experience the luxurious, safe, clean, comfortable water that only the Chlorine Genie can provide.

 A Genie for every Pool…

We encourage you to learn more about the technology behind the Genie, the benefits, its economy, ease of use, and why it will give you the most comfortable, luxurious, trouble free water, without pouring in “junk” or adding salt to your swimming pool. The Genie makes pool water maintenance a snap.

Chlorine Genie Logo


-Get the Chlorine Genie Advantage Today-

How Chlorine is Made

Stop Putting Expensive  “JUNK” Chemicals into Your Pool

The following illustration shows why the store bought chlorine is really 10% chlorine and 90% expensive junk! No wonder why your eyes burn, your skin itches, your hair changes color, and your fabrics fade.

There is a better way to achieve the clean, soft, luxurious, pool water you long for. Chlorine Genie is the Ultimate Solution.

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Chlorine Genie Benefits


The Chlorine Genie Generator

The Chlorine Genie Salt Chlorinator is different. It is not a Salt Water Pool, but it does use Patented Salt Chlorinator Technology to generate pure chlorine for your pool automatically, reliably, and economically. In fact, The Genie does what no Salt Water Pool System can, it gets the salt out of the pool where it is causing all kinds of trouble and puts it into the stand alone chlorinator where it can produce pure chlorine for your pool.

Unlike Salt Water Pool Systems, the process is efficient, reliable, and hassle free. There are no hidden expenses, no headaches, no potential hazards, etc. Just simple reliable and efficient pool water protection for the best water you’ll ever experience.

The Chlorine Genie Automatic Pool Chlorinator offers you all the best benefits of Salt Water Pools yet spares you the problems. No corrosion issues, no conductivity problems, no rising pH to constantly fight, just the type of pool care you’d expect from a premium service. The Genie will provide you with the finest clean, pure, comfortable pool water you’ll ever experience, and offer you years of trouble free, reliable, service.

You can rest easy with The Genie handling your pool care for you. Our simple to use pool system, and our iron-clad 5-year warranty has you covered. Learn more about The Chlorine Genie Advantage Today. You’ll be glad you did.


Solving the Salt Water Pool Problems: Here’s how I did it

I solved the Salt Water Chlorinator/Salt Water Pool Problem

How did I do it…? Well it was a long journey. Let me just give you the basics.

  • First, I stopped dumping hundreds of pounds of salt into the pool water. Instead, I put the salt
    into a molded brine tank. This went a long way toward solving the salt water pool problem.


  • Second, I stopped running pool water through the electronic cell. I use household water instead. Household water is always softer than pool water (less mineral buildup). Salt water pools use pool water in their cells (very bad).


  • Third, I run the household water through a built-in reverse osmosis unit that removes minerals chlorinator unitbefore the water enters the brine tank. As a result, the cell is submerged in mineral-free brine water. This process makes the cell much more efficient and eliminates the salt water pool problem of minerals depositing in the cell.


  • Fourth, I keep the chemical process separated inside the unit so that I can control the pH of the solution going to the pool. (our latest pulsating acid circuitry makes this a breeze). As a result, with a simple valve setting, the pool owner can slowly move the pH up or down in the pool without using acid or soda ash.


  • Fifth, the entire process is done totally independent from the filtering system so it does not force the pool owner to run his filter pump extra hours. This can give the pool owner substantial savings on his energy bill.


No other Pool Equipment Compares

There is nothing else like it in the pool equipment industry. Chlorine Genie Chlorinators are the cutting edge advantage when it comes to simple, efficient, green technology for the best pool water ever. This is literally how we took the best that saltwater pools had to offer and eliminated and solved the salt in the pool problems.



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Genie Technology

Quality Workmanship – The Ultimate Chlorinator

Only the Highest Quality Standards and Materials

We take pride in out products and stand behind our workmanship with an iron-clad 5 year warranty. We methodically test every unit before it goes into the field, and stand behind our materials and workmanship 100%.

Our customer service is first rate and a part of the Chlorine Genie tradition. If you have questions, concerns, or a problem with your Chlorine Generator for any reason do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Our team is always hear to assist you.

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Pool Water Management Innovation

Our Innovative Pool Water Management Technology is Cutting Edge

There is nothing like the Chlorine Genie Chlorine Generator when it comes to modern, efficient, economical, and simple pool water management. When you stack up any other method of pool sanitation system out there next to the Genie, there is really no comparison.


If You Would LikeChlorine Genie Logo

  • Crystal Clear, Soft Luxurious Water
  • Water that is non-irritating, aerated, soft-feeling
  • To stop buying pool sanitizing chemicals
  • To reduce your filtering time and electrical costs
  • To have your pool full of fresh (not salty) water
  • To have your pool sanitized daily for less $money$ each year

-The Genie is the Ultimate Solution-

Learn more about this innovative, cutting edge, pool water management solution today. Click Here Now


The Chlorine Genie’s advance pool management technology makes maintaining your pool water a breeze. No pouring nasty chemicals into your pool then swimming in them, no dumping hundreds of pounds of corrosive salt into the pool ever again. No burning eyes, itching skin, faded fabrics, and funny colored hair.


No pH Management Problems

Let the Genie handle them for you with the turn of a dial.


Commercial Pool Water Management

Have a large commercial application? Let the Genie’s patented chlorine and copper/silver ion technology handle it for you. Enjoy the cleanest, clearest, safest, most luxurious water ever.


Imagine Never Buying Chlorine Again

Both economical and easy to use the Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System keeps you from handling dangerous chlorine products, and alleviates the headaches, expense, problems and potential dangers associated with chlorine based products.


No Salt Water Pool Management Problems

Imagine the benefits of a salt water pool management system without the salt water pool problems. No added expenses, hidden costs and dangers associated with saltwater pools, just reliable pool sanitation and simple pool water management.


Let the Genie Manage your Pool for You…

Put your pool water management worries to rest…the Genie has you covered.

Click Here to: learn what the Genie can do for you.

Genie Technology

Customer Service

Customer Service

Since the very beginning we have prided ourselves on the customer service we provide. The special relationships with our distributors and pool clients is part of the magic formula that has produced the Ultimate in pool water sanitation.

The Genie would not be what it is today (the leading edge in automatic pool water sanitation) without the connections we have made with our clients and distributors. Input from pool professionals and pool owners all along the way helped foster the Genie’s development and it’s ultimate refinement.

The genie family is, has been, and will always be grateful for this close relationship. Customer service built our business, sustains our business, and will forever be priority one with Chlorine Genie.

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