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 Walnut Creek Pools and Spas

Your Walnut Creek pool and spa is a source of fun, health, exercise, and enjoyment for friends and the entire family, as well as a private sanctuary where you can soak away your cares, in the privacy, safety, and security of your own luxurious pool water.


Don’t Ruin Your Investment…Chlorine Genie Inc. Martinez CA 94553

Don’t let the perfect value of your investment deteriorate. Your pool water management should be simple, efficient, economical, pain-free, and should provide you with the ultimate in safety, comfort, and security. At Chlorine Genie Inc. we have been dedicated to providing Walnut Creek pool owners and residents of Contra Costa County the best possible pool water experience, and the highest quality pool water management systems and equipment for over 25 years.


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Creating Your Personal Paradise

There are many considerations when it comes to creating the perfect pool paradise – landscape design, pool construction, selecting the appropriate plants for your location, and additional elements such as fire pits, barbecues, and usable space. But most of all, your water quality, safety, and comfort should be the primary consideration. What good are all the other planning, expense, and features if your pool water is unhealthy, kills your landscaping, irritates your eyes and skin, and smells like a chemical soup?


Walnut Creek pool chlorinator

The Chlorine Genie Chlorinator
The Chlorine Genie Chlorinator

Luxurious Pool Water

We’ve built our reputation and our business on the foundation of making our clients pool water quality the number one priority. Simple, Safe, and easy to use – The Chlorine Genie Water Management System provides Walnut Creek pool owners with the ultimate in pool water clarity, safety, and luxurious comfort.


Serving all Contra Costa County Pools

We are proud to serve Contra Costa County pools and the surrounding S.F. Bay Area as we continue to enhance pool water safety, comfort, and lasting beauty for your family to enjoy. It is our privilege to be a part of this wonderful community, not only as your pool water management specialists but also we hope as your lifelong friends.


We’d love to work with you!

Please take a look at our full website to educate yourself on the benefits of The Chlorine Genie System then give us a call at the office (925) 723 0400 or shoot us an email to enjoy the safest, cleanest, most luxurious water in your Walnut Creek or Contra Costa County pool today.



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